3Detection and Identification

Bruker Daltonics


Bruker Daltonics – since 30 years a trusted manufacturer of CBRNE detection equipment – offers and constantly improves their sophisticated CBRNE product line and this way tries to help counter chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats. State-ofthe-art technology, ruggedized design and modular accessories allow flexible and extensive applications.

The complete product line for CBRNE detection

CBRNE technology has always been the core competence of Bruker Daltonics. We were the first supplier who covered the complete range of chemical, biological and nuclear detection. Bruker is specialized in development, engineering and manufacturing of military hardened and easy-to-use analytical systems and is ISO9001 certified. The product line supports all possible use cases for the detection of various threats.

Systems for CBRNE Defence

Bruker solutions includes personal and handheld point detectors as well as detection systems for reconnaissance vehicles, battle tanks, shipboard or stationary use. Bruker provides sophisticated CBRNE software solutions for instrument control and systems integration.

Safety & Security

Bruker equipment supports not only the response teams from Fire Departments, Police, Customs and Civil Defence in addition, major events such as summits, concerts, parades and sporting events can be targets for terrorist attacks. Harbours, ports, airports and public buildings are also sensitive to the release of hazardous agents. Bruker detection equipment can be integrated into monitoring systems for these critical infrastructures using combinations of both static and mobile detection systems.

Bruker offers a wide product range including

Bruker CBRNE equipment is in service with armed and naval forces, civil defence and first responders worldwide. Our instruments are part of major reconnaissance vehicles in the world like the CBRNRS Fox or the Korean K-216 and part of the chemical and/or radiological detection system of ships like the German frigate F123/124 and the MEKO 100. The systems are also an integrated part of the protection system within German and Swedish Coast Guard ships.

Bruker Daltonics is continually improving its products and reserves the right to change specifications without notice. "(C)" BDAL06-2012, CBRN#285101

*quote from the brochure of "Product Overview - The CBRNE Detection Specialists"*