7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications



    Operational Identification

    Whether you are a First Responder in a high-pressure, multi-threat situation, or at a Border point screening containerized cargo, the Verifinder enables you to make smarter decisions. By reducing false positives and, more importantly, false negatives, Discovery Technology® gives you confidence in the results and enhances decision making.

    The Verifinder, built on Discovery Technology®, delivers

    • Class Leading ID: Operationally proven
    • Enhanced Resolution: For the verification of masked and shielded sources
    • Intuitive Operation: Three button GUI, voice tagging, 3G, WiFi, GPS…
    • Zero Maintenance: Real time continuous calibration of the detection chain
    • Unsurpassed Reachback: Real time, ultra-stable spectra
    • 3He Free Neutron Detection: Proprietary Neutron Blade Technology
    • Optimization for EU, Middle East and Asian Markets