7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications


Mobile sRPM

    Mobile Threat Detection

    The Discovery Mobile sRPM is platform independent and designed to deliver advanced SNM screening, unsurpassed NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) management and isotope verification capabilities. Each system is fitted with state of the art gamma spectrometers and Symetrica’s rugged 3He-free neutron detectors (6LiZnS). The core Discovery Technology system practically eliminates alarms on legitimate Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), manages background variations and verifies threat isotopes. The 3He-free 6LiZnS neutron detectors provide affordable SNM detection. The System is available in van mounted, roof-top and de-mountable configurations.

    The Discovery Mobile sRPM, built on Discovery Technology®, delivers

    • Multimodal Capabilities : Advanced mobile detection capabilities
    • Proven Isotope Identification
    • NORM Alarm Elimination: Over 98% reduction in alarms on NORM cargoes
    • Resilience: Optimized for masked and shielded threat detection
    • Operational False Alarm Rates: Re-locatable operational false alarm rate of less than 1 in 10,000
    • 3He Free Neutron Detection: Proprietary Neutron Blade Technology
    • 6LiZnS neutron detectors (3He free) with intrinsic health monitoring
    • OEM Command and Control Compatibility
    • Car-top, Van-mounted and de-mountable configurations