7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications


Discovery sRPM Radiation Portal Monitor

    Threat Verification

    Discovery sRPMTM Radiation Portal Monitor provides the ultimate in unsurpassed NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) management and isotope verification for personnel, cars, trucks and containerized cargo. The Discovery sRPM Radiation Portal Monitor has demonstrated ANSI N42.38 “HPGe like” performance in an affordable package with low through life costs.

    The Discovery sRPM Radiation Portal Monitor, built on Discovery Technology®, delivers

    • Unsurpassed NORM Management (ANSI N42.35 detection with >98% correct classification)
    • Class leading ID: ANSI N42.38 Compliant Identification
    • Operational False Alarm Rates: <1 in 10,000)
    • Enhanced Resolution: For the verification of real masked and shielded sources
    • Intuitive operation: Deep DiscoveryTM Software Suite with capability verification
    • Zero Maintenance: Real time continuous calibration of the detection chain
    • 3He Free Neutron Detection: Proprietary Neutron Blade Technology detection
    • OEM Command and control compatibility