7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications


NNS:2000 Mobile and RPM

    RPM and Mobile Neutron Detection (3He free)

    The NNS:2000 is a one of our family of 3He free neutron blade detectors. The NNS-2000 is a versatile neutron blade module for Radiation Portal Monitors and Mobile Detection systems with a plug-&-play interface that replaces 3He neutron counters in new systems and existing applications.

    The NNS:2000 delivers

    • Cost Effective Neutron Detection: (2.0 cps/ng, 252Cf moderated source at 2m)
    • Consensus Standards Compliance: (ANSI & IEC)
    • Exceptional Gamma Rejection
    • Intrinsic Insensitivity to Micro Phonics
    • Paperwork Free Shipping: No hazardous materials/ pressurized gasses
    • OEM Neutron Detection: With our commercial partners