7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications


NNS:Blades – Safeguards and Fissile Material Detection

Image courtesy or JRC (EU Joint Research Center, Ispra)

    Neutron Safeguards (3He free)

    NNS:SG blades are used in safeguards and security applications for the assay and detection of fissile material. These are an extension of Symetrica’s 6LiZnS(Ag) He3 free blades that were developed for Homeland Security. These modules, characterized in collaboration with the Joint EU Research Centre, provide state of the art 3He free neutron detection with high resolution timing information.

    NNS:Blades deliver

    • 3He Safeguards: Cost effective co-incidence and multiplicity counting solutions
    • Ultimate Blade Detectors Low mass, flexible configuration of detection systems
    • Exceptional Gamma Rejection
    • Intrinsic Insensitivity to Micro-Phonics
    • Paperwork free shipping: No hazardous materials/ pressurized gasses
    • OEM neutron detection capabilities that other replacement technologies cannot reach.