7Symetrica Radiation detection and isotope identifications



    Neutron Dosimeters (3He free)

    NNS-SD Dosimeters replace spherical 3He counters in dosimetry applications where minimizing mass is mission critical. The NNS:SD module is a fusion of our 6LiZnS(Ag) He3 free Blade Technology and our patented ScintiSphere® spectrometry technology. These spheres, developed in collaboration with Public Health England, are state of the art, low mass 3He free neutron sensors.

    NNS:SD sensors deliver

    • Dosimetry: Low mass Bonner Sphere designs
    • Exceptional Gamma Rejection
    • Intrinsic Insensitivity to Micro-Phonics
    • Paperwork free shipping: No hazardous materials/ pressurized gasses
    • OEM neutron detection capabilities that other replacement technologies cannot reach.